Vantaly x Liu Jiaqian | Tale of Stones by Liu Jiajing

2018 / 08 / 11

Vantaly x Liu Jiaqian | Tale of Stones by Liu Jiajing

2018 08 11

Speak of shopping, the first thing that comes to the mind is often a dazzling variety of handbags.

In collaboration with artist Liu Jiajing, Vantaly Studio created a series titled “Tale of Stones” in the plaza square of Kerry Parkside Pudong, Shanghai, epitomizing women’s natural passion for handbags in stone sculptures.

Through her intriguing stone handbags, Liu Jiajing tells a story of shopping from her unique perspective as a female artist.

The artist selected stones of various shapes and sizes, and kept their natural forms while transforming them by attaching bronze handles on the top, fusing the raggedness of natural materials with the delicacy of craft.

Stones, handbags, two common elements of daily life were connected by Liu Jiajing in "Tale of Stones", invigorating the plaza with creativity and joyfulness.

In the Internet era, art is no longer confined in museums where culture takes a stand back from everyday life; art has instead become an integral part of the public art, connecting with people's experiences through participation and interaction.

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